About Us - Principal's Message


I am highly thankful and grateful to the managing body of Army Goodwill School, Tyakshi to provide me a golden opportunity to express my views and opinions regarding the school curriculum and I am also grateful particularly to the patron of the school for making all efforts possible for the smooth running of the School being run under the aegis of Op Sadbhavana.

I would like to express that in the modern era it is a real fact that we are at the dilemma of our education system and a lot of churning is happening as to how restructure and how to reform our education standards, so as to meet the urgent requirements and aspirations of our society.  Since change has become inevitable and obviously it has to start from everyone.  No doubt change is not easy to accept nevertheless; change is the law of nature.  Our main motive is to provide quality education to the emerging and innocent children, to impart best quality education including a strong component of culture, inculcation of values, environment awareness, physical education, adventurous activities among the children predominantly from rural areas, to ensure that students attain a reasonable level of competency in four languages.

In order to provide a quality education, the organization related to the education system have to come forward to play a crucial role in helping to bring about the desired change for nation building and social reconstruction.  Fairly and deliberately protecting and promoting the interests of members and fighting without leaving any stone unturned for their welfare privileges and status is the sole agenda of the organisation.

I have received the wake up message from the higher authorities and it is hoped that each and everyone of us will respond and react to the stimulus in an organic way to help the administration evolve a new meaningful task, culture and create a better standard of education about which we can feel proud of we all know that a teacher is the best guide and nation builder as he shapes the human material under his proper care and provides the best human resource.  In case a teacher fails to do so creates a lot of atrocities that the society has to face in the future.

Teachers have a great responsibility to create enabling opportunities for students and to provide a platform for them to experience success in learning and achievement to do the best of their potential.  Teachers must gain complete and through knowledge regarding their duties, responsibilities and they must be aware about rules and regulations due to the school curriculum and the relevant guidelines should be adopted in order to bring efficiency in their tasks.  The modern society is posing threat and challenge to our institutions as per the quality education is concerned, so the teachers must inculcate the potential and courage to accept the challenge happily and to prove their talents in the age of crucial competition.  The teachers are the valuable parts of our society, therefore they must live up to the expectations and aspirations of our society, it is only possible if the teachers will work with dedication and with zeal and zest.

“Quality Education is the Window through which one can observe and realize the real sceneries of the real universe and the real creator, the God”.

Mr Zain Ul Abiden
Principal AGS, Tyakshi